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Control/Defensive Tactics System
(Legacy System)

The CDT system is a Legacy System, meaning its core techniques are now joined with ground and modern principles of teaching in the Core Essentials System among others, however some agencies want a slower or different approach to the transition due to logistics of training, changing of policies, staffing and manpower. We feel that Core Essentials offers a more modern and scientifically proven path to becoming a basic defensive tactics instructor, however some agencies need more time to make changes than others.


The original CDT program was 16 hours with an emphasis on Instructor Development and teach back. That portion has been offloaded to the Instructor Development Course and the CDT Legacy Program is now an 8-hour program. Many of the specifics of things like joint manipulation are also repeated but with much more detail in the Close Quarters Control Tactics.

As some agencies still wish to continue this program until policies and trainers can get caught up, we will still offer CDT as an 8-Hour program at this time.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear.
Materials provided: Online Text

For More Information: CES - CQCT - WRS - HFS - SBS

Here are some examples of some of the CDT-Legacy techniques and how they are also contained within other courses.

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