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National Law Enforcement Training Center

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Mission Statement:

The National Law Enforcement Training Center is dedicated to providing safe, effective and legally defensible tactics, training and certification to law enforcement, corrections, military and security organizations around the world.

New for 2022

For 2022 there are going to be some fresh changes to our certification programs. For starters, the CDT 2 day module has been revamped into a 3 day module to include

  1. Control Tactics System

  2. Defense Tactics System

  3. Power Handcuffing System


In reality, the number of hours are the same, though the training package has been streamlined using modern teaching methods to help in the retention of techniques and skills. This has been in the works for several years with Founder Jim Lindell, National Bob Bragg and many others.


You will find that many other things such as officer size and growing trends in Law Enforcement have been addressed. This new course is entitled, Core Essentials and includes three certifications (Control Tactics, Defense Tactics & Power Handcuffing). In several discussions with Founder Jim Lindell, the curriculum has been adjusted to reflect things such as officer height and build which was not as much of a concern in the 1970's when agencies had strict height and weight requirements. Trends in law enforcement such as the publics infatuation with MMA and ground fighting are being addressed.

The 2022 Conferences will be 6 days. Teaching skills emphasis is during the 3-day Core Essentials program at the beginning of the conference. Both Handgun/Long gun and LVNR were previously 16 hour courses due primarily to teachback however they will now be treated as 8 hour courses provided the user has attended the Core Essentials course. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be electives days where additional 8-hour hour specialty courses may be added such as LVNR, HGLG, ACES, OC, Baton and others. Eventually, as the Core Essentials courses certification is valid for 3 years, additional electives will be offered earlier in the training week in separate rooms concurrently with Core Essentials to those currently certified. For 2022 there is a January Core Essentials course. already posted.

In all, Founder Jim Lindell, the Board of Directors, and other National consultants feel this is a rather large step forward in providing an instructors program that is truly designed to not only make great DT practitioners, but the highest level of instructors possible.




Force 2 Training Systems

6643 Butterfield Dr.

Cherry Valley, IL 61016


National Frank Ingardona


Agile Training & Consulting

Agile Training & Consulting
Topeka, KS

National Chuck Haggard


Blue River Community College

MO - Blue River.png

20301 East 78 Highway

Independence, Missouri 64057-2052 
Telephone: 816.604.1000
Fax: 816.220.6511

National Trainer J.J. Barnes

Central Missouri Police Academy

MO-UCM Academy.png

200 Ming St
Warrensburg, MO 64093
United States
Telephone: 660-543-4090

National Lee Richards
National Sonny Lynch

Missouri Safety Center

MO - Safety Center - Warrensburg.png

Humphreys Suite 200
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Tel: 888-801-3588
National Sonny Lynch

State Fair Community College

MO - SFCC.png

3201 W. 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301

Telephone: 660-543-4090

National Lee Richards

Instructor Stephanie Prindle

Regional Police Academy


6885 N.E. Pleasant Valley Road
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: 816-413-3500

ACCT Jerry Grubb

ACCT Craig Honz

Saint Louis Police Academy

MO - St Louis Metro Patch.png
St Louis Police Department.jpg

315 S. Tucker Blvd.

Saint Louis, MO 63102
Telephone: 314-444-5630

National Donnell Walters

Rhode Island

ELETE - Enhanced Law Enforcement Training & Education

South Dakota

Oglala Lakota Public Safety
Sioux Tribe - Department of Corrections

RI - Elete.png

1010 Tiogue Ave. Unit 11
Coventry, RI  02816

Telephone: 401-862-1008

National Trainer Brad Inman
Rhode Island Sheriff's Department

SD - Oglala Lakota Public Safety - Clear.png

PO Box 300 
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

Telephone: 605-867-8128

National Trainer Dan Hudspeth

ACCT Brent Plenty Bull

ACCT Kevin Cross

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