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2022 News

Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Subject Control System

NLETC no longer requires that Instructor Level candidates be sprayed during the training course as most people reaching this level of training have previously been sprayed during the course of their career. Instructor Candidates wishing to be sprayed will be provided an opportunity during the training.

2022 - Core Essentials

Over the last couple of years there have been several meetings of a Training Committee with an overhaul to a few of our training modules.  A lot has changed since the 1970's and Founder Jim Lindell has given approval for some much needed updates.

One change that is coming in 2022 is the packaging of what we are calling Core Essentials.  This package will include the integration of two of our modules, CDT and Power HandcuffingNational Bob Bragg has studied extensively the instructional methods of learning and maintaining knowledge with students.  This new three-day course will integrate both of these classes in a new way that will enhance learning and retention.

Extension Lock 01 - Demo.jpg

Several new techniques are being added and the CDT portion is being streamlined.  In the past, numerous techniques were in the module but not completely covered during the instructors course.  A large portion of these techniques have not been taught in years and thus the entire manual and course has received a makeover for 2022.

Note: Previous CDT and Power Handcuffing Certifications are still valid.  As each certification has a three-year validation, it may take some time for all NLETC instructors to gain the certification in the new Core Essentials program.  There will be multiple opportunities upcoming.   Additionally, there will still be opportunities during this transition to teach Power Handcuffing as a separate module as it was originally designed.  

End User Courses may still be taught separate and individual techniques may still be taught separate in In-Service programs.  This new three-day course is designed to instill knowledge and skill into our instructors program.  

* Note: Core Essentials is recommended as a prerequisite as it has instructor development aspects to it as well as fundamental 'core' techniques, stances and other aspects that are within every single NLETC course.  For course cohesion, understanding things such as power stance, force efficiency and other concepts which are taught in Core Essentials allows us to decrease instructor certification times within other courses. Should instructors wish to not take Core Essentials and take other elective courses such as Handgun Long Gun Retention and Disarming, the course may need to be longer than the standard 8-hour course. A Training Board Member will need to handle these on a case by case basis.

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