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David Rauzi
Legal Advisor

David Rauzi has maintained a general civil and criminal defense law practice in Kansas City, Missouri, for over twenty five years.

Dave first met Jim Lindell in the early 1980s, when Jim was providing defensive tactics instruction to private businesses such as the Worlds of Fun amusement park and the Kansas City Chiefs Football club.

They shared an interest in the martial arts, with Dave studying under Grandmaster Won S. Kim in Raytown, Missouri. Dave went on to become a head instructor at one of Grandmaster Kim’s schools, attaining a 4th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, 2nd Degree Black Belt in judo, and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido.

Dave has served on the National Law Enforcement Training Center Board since 2007 and advises on legal matters.

Brad Inman began studying the martial arts at the age of six in the sport of Judo. When he was sixteen, Brad met Professor Milton A. Gowdey, a police officer and martial artist. Professor Gowdey was impressed by Brad’s drive and willingness to learn.
He decided to take Brad “under his wing” and taught him Yang Ki Jiu Jitsu. This training led to achieving the level of “Soke Dai,” which means “Next to Carry on the System.”  Professor Gowdey had a strong commitment to training law enforcement. Brad felt compelled to continue this commitment to officer training and survival upon Professor Gowdey’s death.

Brad began his career in law enforcement in 1979. It was natural for Brad to adapt his martial arts training to a law enforcement application and soon he was training not only his own agency’s officers, but many others in the region. 

Brad has known for years that much more than half of officer/subject physical confrontations go to the ground. As a result, he felt that all law enforcement officers need training in Ground Defense and Control Tactics. This lifelong experience in learning and teaching led to Brad’s research in how to apply these techniques more effectively during police confrontations with aggressors. Brad expressed a strong appreciation to the fellow trainers he has met and always attempts to learn and improve various techniques. Brad has taught as a staff instructor at American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) seminars. He has taught police officers and instructors from around the world, including a presentation of his Ground Defense and Control Tactics program in the Virgin Islands.  

Inman, Brad - Profile

Brad Inman
er Board Member

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