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Defensive Tactics System


Defensive Tactics System

A Core Essentials Course


The Reasonable Use-of-Force Trainer Certification Program is designed to provide beginners and advanced trainers with use-of-force and legal information, practical training principles, techniques and tactical considerations so they may teach and certify agency officers in basic defensive tactics. It includes an 8-hour Defensive Tactics course which introduces all NLETC training principles.

This is 8 hours of blocks, takedowns and restraints – tactics which conclude with a handcuffed subject every time. 

Upon successful completion of the first 8 hours, trainers receive Trainer Certification in the Control/Defensive Tactics Trainer Certification Course. Upon successful completion of each elective course, trainers receive Trainer Certification in that course.


This course was previously part of a 16 hour course entitled CDT but is now an 8 hour portion of the 24 hour Core Essentials Program.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear.
Materials provided: Online Text

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