Ground Defense / Control Tactics

Ground Defense / Control Tactics

The Ground Defense / Control Tactics course teaches officers to control subjects from standing to kneeling to resisting while on the ground, and to defend themselves on the ground when necessary.

Many of the standing tactics taught to officers conclude with the officer descending into a control/handcuffing position. Many times, however, officers are forced to the ground without complete control of a subject and must survive the encounter by using superior ground defense/control tactics. These tactics include officer defense against gun grabs and holds, standing kneeling and lying.

This course was developed by Deputy Brad Inman of the Kent County, Rhode Island, Sheriff's Department, and it is recognized as one of the pre-eminent ground defense and control systems now offered to law enforcement officers. Brad's personal experience as a full-contact fighter is reflected in the instruction. Learn to survive attacks through knowledge and dynamic ground defense/control tactics.

Consider taking the LVNR® in conjunction with this course. The LVNR® is easy to apply and concludes subject resistance in a few seconds. The Ground Defense / Control Tactics System is an essential course for all officers.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear.
Materials provided: Text and trainer shirt.