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The History of the National Law Enforcement Training Center cannot be told without telling the story of its Founder, James W. Lindell. Jim Lindell founded the Organization and developed most of the Training Systems still in use today.

Jim joined the Kansas City, Missouri Police department on October 15, 1970, assuming the duties of Physical Training and Defensive Tactics Supervisor. He was hired for his ability to employ superior methods of control in handling police resistor and aggressor problems. He used his expertise in the field of martial arts to formulate practical the functional techniques for specific police problems. He developed and implemented a complete physical conditioning and defensive tactics program tailored to the needs and abilities of officers in training. The program was designed to provide maximum safety to officers while minimizing the potential harm to subjects.

Jim developed the Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint®, which is the only system of neck restraint to have a 40-year history of causing no death or serious injury. The LVNR® has never been the subject of civil litigation and has been used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world. Jim also developed several notable systems which have been recognized throughout the law enforcement community. His unique handgun retention system has earned him the title of “Father of Handgun Retention”. He has worked closely with several manufacturers in developing training programs and better equipment for officers.

Jim founded the National Law Enforcement Training Center in 1981 and began conducting trainer certification seminars around the globe, certifying thousands of trainers in the Kansas City Missouri Police Department/NLETC Control and Defensive Tactics Systems. Jim retired from the KCMOPD February 19, 1993 and devoted all of his attention to the growth of the NLETC.

In 2007, Jim helped reorganize the NLETC as a not-for-profit corporation, which is managed by a board of directors that assists an international network of trainers in delivering safe, effective and legally defensible defensive tactics and subject control curriculum to police, military, security and corrections personnel. 

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