John Delgado is a Board Advisor for the National Law Enforcement Training Center.

John Delgado is a retired 33-year veteran with the Miami-Dade Police Department who was actively involved in police training for 25 years. John held a position of Commissioner for the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission for eight years and was on several state-wide advisory councils for Officer Safety Training. John is a certified instructor for the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and is certified in the areas of Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Defensive Driving, First Responder, and General Subjects.  John is also a State and Federal court certified expert in the field of Use of Force and Police Tactics and Procedures in the State of Florida and has consulted on civil and criminal cases for Miami-Dade Police Department, Miami-Dade County Attorney’s Office, and other police agencies across the country. John established on-call procedures for attorneys to respond to police officer involved shootings and in-custody death situations by union personnel. He has his Bachelor of Arts degree from Biscayne College.

John has devoted many years to the National Law Enforcement Training Center and is a National Trainer.