Lee E. Richards - President N.L.E.T.C.
Lee Richards
In the late '80s, Lee began working in retail security and was tasked to put together a regional seminar on handcuffing for the retailer. A referral led him to Officer Michael Waddell who was then a student of Taika Seiyu Oyata, running a Ryukyu Kempo Dojo in Gladstone, Missouri as well as a Liberty MO Police Officer and their trainer.  Mike Waddell ran a small D.T. agency called Sundown Self-Defense Systems at the time and trained many small agencies in the Greater Kansas City area.  Lee began training with him regularly at his dojo after the seminar.

In 1992, Lee joined the Kansas City Missouri Police Department where he worked until 2018. Jim Lindell was one of his origial academy instructors.  After graduating from the police academy he continued training with Sundown Self-Defense Systems and eventually returned to the academy as an instructor where he became a National Trainer with the National Law Enforcement Training Center. He additionally received certifications in the Rapid Rotation Baton and Monadnock® Baton Systems. After retiring from the Kansas City, Missouri Police department he obtained a job teaching at the Warrensburg, MO Police Academy at UCM as well as the Sedalia, MO Police Academy located within SFCC.