Lindell Aluminum Training Weapons


Lindell Cast Aluminum Training Weapons

*Knives, Handguns, Long Guns, CEWs*

Lindell Aluminum Training Weapons are our recommended training weapon as they are of a comporable weight to the real weapon.  They are sold by Lindell Aluminum Training Weapons LLC, not by NLETC.  If you have an interest, please contact Sonny Lynch at or 1-660-492-3693

Lindell Cast Aluminum Training Weapons are made from solid aluminum. 

We have a variety of gun models available and accept requests for a new model you may need.


  • Excellent for training and demonstrations.
  • Fit your holster.
  • Will not break or bend.
  • Weight of the training gun is approximately that of the original.
  • Preferred weapon for holster mold production - will not melt or soften during the process.