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May 26, 2022 - Thursday

Handgun Long Gun Retention & Disarming
1-Day Instructor Course - Kansas City, Missouri
Instructor: Sonny Lynch

When: 0800-1700 Hours

Where: 6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. - Kansas City, MO 64119 - Room TBA 

- Room 301 then Mat Room

$180 Per Instructor - Email for additional information.

Handgun / Long Gun Retention & Disarming System

This is the Number One law enforcement system of Handgun/Long Gun Retention and Disarming – the first and still the best total system of weapon retention and disarming. Since its introduction by Jim Lindell for the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department in 1976, this system has been constantly updated and contains these important features:

This is an integrated system of gun/TASER® defense tactics that is effective and easy to apply, regardless of the officer’s age, sex or physical prowess.

Provide specific dynamic releases against an assailant’s grabs from the front, side or rear, while maintaining the weapon in the holster.

Use the officer’s weapon as a lever to break even the most powerful grip.

Enable an officer to get his/her own handgun, long gun or TASER® back, or to disarm a subject holding these weapons.

Many firearms trainers now teach these tactics in addition to their firearms courses during relay breaks. Always use a training gun - NEVER a live firearm.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear, holster, training weapon and belt.
Materials provided: Text and trainer shirt.


There is no group rate however a hotel we have had good experiences with is:

 Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Kansas City Liberty

 8101 N Church Rd, Kansas City, MO 64158