Host a Seminar

The NLETC conducts reasonable use of force trainer certification seminars internationally. Our clients include Corporate Security, Military, Corrections and Law Enforcement entities.

The NLETC programs are proven safe, effective and court defensible.  
Contact the NLETC if you are interested in hosting a trainer certification course.

Hosting companies or agencies are eligible for discounted training. The NLETC will partner with the hosting organization to market the training seminar.
The NLETC provides Training manuals, a Trainer's t-shirt, and a      
3-year Trainer Certification to each participant who successfully completes the course.

Training Courses

The National Law Enforcement Training Center Courses

Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint System - (LVNR®)
Handgun / Long Gun Retention & Disarming System
Control / Defensive Tactics System
Knife Defense / Disarming System
Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Subject Control System
NLETC Baton Courses
Arm Control / Escort  System - (ACES)
Power Handcuffing System
Weapon Ground Defense and Disarming
Ground Defense / Control Tactics
Motor Skills Instructor Development
Trainer Functional Fitness and Development

    Advanced Ground Defense / Control Tactics