BJJ - 911


BJJ - 911

BJJ – 911 is a realistic, law enforcement program for Defensive Tactics Instructors. This 5-Day course was designed by several police officers in NLETC that have decades long backgrounds in Jiu Jitsu along with elite, award winning Jiu Jitsu instructors to have the correct law enforcement perspective. Many other programs have a dangerous perspective of one-on-one combat such as used inside a competitive ring. NLETC’s course is designed to be correctly aware of your surroundings as well as the other people that could render aide to the person you are attempting to restrain. NLETC’s course also correctly considers the gear used by corrections, security, law enforcement and other professions. Many other programs do not consider the officer’s footwear, holster rigging, tactical vest or other gear which come into play and make certain techniques in other systems unrealistic at best. 

NLETC has had Ground Control courses based on Jiu Jitsu for over 30 years. This course takes it to the next level and gives the Defensive Tactics Instructors the skills they need to build a program for current in-service style training as well as full Academy, new recruit training.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear, and handcuffs.
Materials provided: Online Text



40-Hour Instructors Course
Prerequisite: Core Essentials OR Approval of NLETC with comparable training.

* Note: Core Essentials is recommended as it has instructor development aspects to it as well as fundamental 'core' techniques, stances and other aspects that are within every single NLETC course.  For course cohesion, understanding things such as power stance, force efficiency and other concepts which are taught in Core Essentials allows us to decrease instructor certification times within other courses. Should instructors wish to not take Core Essentials and take other elective courses such as Handgun Long Gun Retention and Disarming, the course may need to be longer than the standard 8-hour course. A Training Board Member will need to handle these on a case by case basis.