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Side Handle Baton Course


Side Handle Baton Course

The NLETC Side Handle Baton System was created to incorporate the long standing principles of the NLETC.  It focuses on many of the standard blocks and parry’s in many systems however extends and emphasizes locks and and other joint manipulations other systems fail to utilize. The baton is, by design, an excellent lever and students will increase their understanding of basic physics in relation to controlling a human rather than relying solely on blunt force.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear, side handle baton.  Collapsible is recommended but if agency still utilizes non-collapsible batons they may be used.
Materials provided: Online Text.

8-Hour Instructors Course
Prerequisite: Core Essentials OR Approval of NLETC with comparable training.

* Note: Core Essentials is recommended as it has instructor development aspects to it as well as fundamental 'core' techniques, stances and other aspects that are within every single NLETC course.  For course cohesion, understanding things such as power stance, force efficiency and other concepts which are taught in Core Essentials allows us to decrease instructor certification times within other courses. Should instructors wish to not take Core Essentials and take other elective courses such as Handgun Long Gun Retention and Disarming, the course may need to be longer than the standard 8-hour course. A Training Board Member will need to handle these on a case by case basis.

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