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Core Essentials System

Control Tactics - Defense Tactics - Handcuffing - Ground

Core Essentials System

For 2022 there are going to be some fresh changes to our certification programs. For starters, the CDT 2 day module has been revamped into a 3 day module to include

  1. Control Tactics System

  2. Defense Tactics System

  3. Handcuffing Fundamentals

  4. Ground Fundamentals


In reality, the number of hours are the same, though the training package has been streamlined using modern teaching methods to help in the retention of techniques and skills. This has been in the works for several years with influence by many NLETC National Instructors.


You will find that many other things such as officer size and growing trends in Law Enforcement have been addressed. This new course is entitled, Core Essentials and includes three certifications (Control Tactics, Defense Tactics & Handcuffing Fundamentals). The curriculum has been adjusted to reflect things such as officer height and build which was not as much of a concern in the 1970's when agencies had strict height and weight requirements. Trends in law enforcement such as the publics infatuation with MMA and ground fighting are being addressed.

In all, the Board of Directors, and other National Consultants feel this is a rather large step forward in providing an instructors program that is truly designed to not only make great DT practitioners, but the highest level of instructors possible.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear, handcuffs.
Materials provided: Text and trainer shirt.

It is highly recommended that first time instructors also take Emergency Ground Survival 01 with the Core Essentials Program.

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