Straight Baton Course


Straight Baton Course

The NLETC Baton System was created to incorporate the long standing principles of the NLETC. The program starts with the basic patterns of movement and blocks that are fundamental to the NLETC’s Control Defensive Tactics System. The NLETC Baton System also incorporates the NLETC’s Handgun/Long Gun Retention & Disarming System. The NLETC Baton System includes, blocks, parry’s, locks and provides the student with options to control, cuff or disengage. 

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear, straight baton.  Collapsible is recommended but if agency still utilizes non-collapsible batons they may be used.
Materials provided: Text and trainer shirt.

8-Hour Instructors Course
Prerequisite: Core Essentials (CDT and Power Handcuffing)