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Handcuffing & Frisk System

Handcuffing & Frisk System

The Handcuffing & Frisk System was adopted by the NLETC after years of instruction and observation of officers using other cuffing systems and methods. After 10 years of observation, study and research on the subject of handcuffing and memory retention, a consensus was reached among our trainers: While many methods of handcuffing are very well designed and effective for some trainees, many officers fail to retain the tactical skills to repeat the cuffing techniques effectively and safely during in-service training and actual field use.

The NLETC Handcuffing & Frisk System is based, in part, on the "Stocks" system, first developed and introduced by retired FBI trainer Mr. Chin H. Lee. While the concept is not new, many modifications and adaptations have been built into the system that makes it extremely teachable and easy for officers to retain. The Handcuffing & Frisk System increases the comprehension, skill level and safety of officers during frisking, cuffing, searching and controlling subjects in the field and in correctional facilities.

Equipment needed: Casual or athletic clothing, footwear, duty belt, and handcuffs.
Materials provided: Text


8-Hour Instructors Course
Prerequisite: Core Essentials OR Approval of NLETC with comparable training.

* Note: Core Essentials is recommended as it has instructor development aspects to it as well as fundamental 'core' techniques, stances and other aspects that are within every single NLETC course.  For course cohesion, understanding things such as power stance, force efficiency and other concepts which are taught in Core Essentials allows us to decrease instructor certification times within other courses. Should instructors wish to not take Core Essentials and take other elective courses such as Handgun Long Gun Retention and Disarming, the course may need to be longer than the standard 8-hour course. A Training Board Member will need to handle these on a case by case basis.

As this is an Instructor Level Class, students should have basic familiarity with cuffing prior to enrollment. If they are not able to show dexterity with chain handcuffs at the beginning of the course, they will not be allowed to proceed. If you are wishing to attend with no experience, please contact the office as we can provide some dexterity drills prior to the date of the course which may suffice in extablishing this requirement.

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