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NLETC January 2022 Conference

February - August

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Several more seminars are in the early stages of planning for the KC Metro area as well as other areas of the United States. If you have specific needs please contact us and we can tailor training to your needs.


Missouri P.O.S.T. - 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504, 1507

Annual Use of Force Conference - 5-Day Conference - Kansas City, Missouri
Attendees will learn the foundations of becoming a Defensive Tactics Instructor in various categories.  There will be numerous class held simultaneously. The conference is being moved past Summer as this allows for less staffing shortages by agencies during the Summer months.  NLETC is awaiting confirmation of dates from the host agency, KCMOPD, prior to releasing dates.

  • Core Essentials (24 hours)

    • Control Tactics (8 hours)

    • Defensive Tactics (8 hours)

    • Handcuffing (8 hours)

      • (Please bring your duty belt or at minimum a set of handcuffs and pouch.)​

  • Ground Tactics (8 hours)

  • Straight Baton (8 hours)

    • (Please bring baton and holder)

  • Handgun/Long Gun Retention and Disarming (8 hours)

    • (Please bring holster and training gun.)

  • LVNR (8 hours)

  • More Classes and a Schedule will be listed as we book instructors.

$900 Per Instructor - Email for registration information.

If you have a location near you and want to host a seminar please contact us at 816-287-2388 or


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