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Defensive Tactics Instructor Training Program

Spring 2024


Course Work Applicable to Academy Teaching in:

Missouri P.O.S.T. - All 1500 Courses

April 15 to 19
Electives to be announced later.

In this comprehensive 5-day Missouri 40-Hour P.O.S.T. approved Instructor Program, we have designed a new program that will allow an Officer to seamlessly transition from Standing Techniques to Ground Techniques, with an emphasis on Officer Survival.

This seminar will award the participant with Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification that covers the following subjects:

  • Officer Entry Techniques – Closing the gap and taking control. We have found that closing the gap in a non-compliant arrest situation is a large part of the battle that Officers face. We teach DT Instructors real world techniques that close the gap quickly, and effectively seize control of an offender’s body from a variety of situations, whether it is simple passive non-compliant person, or a person that is actively attacking an Officer.

  • Physics Based Wrist, Arm and Shoulder Locks (locks that WORK!)

  • Standing Escort Techniques

  • Defenses against common attacks including punches, charges and grabs.

  • Gross Motor skill takedowns such as Single Leg, Double Leg & Body-fold takedowns as examples.

  • Manipulating a subject on the ground into a handcuffing position once a takedown has been achieved.

  • Emergency Ground Survival I will include emergency ground techniques that will allow an Officer to defend himself against an attack designed to take the Officer to the Ground. This block of instruction is designed to give a Defensive Tactics Instructor the confidence to deliver a 4-hour block of training on emergency ground survival to their Officers. This Program will also lay the foundation to the DT Instructor that wants to progress and take our advanced Master Ground Instructor Program. This is a NEW program that is designed to give the DT Instructor practical EMERGENCY SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR THE GROUND.

  • Power Handcuffing, and Handgun/Long gun Retention (including ground handgun retention)

Monday - Thursday: 

CES - Defensive Tactics Instructor Program
Emergency Ground Survival I 

30 Slots Remaining
as of 10-30-2023

Friday: Electives will be named later when the seminar dates are finalized.

* Friday trainers have the choice in certification in one of two provided topics.

Space is Limited - Reserve Today


Mat shoes or socks on mats.
Duty Belt and Handcuffs
Training Gun (Some .40/9mm Glock holsters are available)

5-Day Discount Rate: $750

Friday Elective Only: $180

Final Details for Attendees:


Courses each day will start promptly at 0800 hours and continue to 1700 with a lunch break each day somewhere close to noon, depending on coursework each day. There are a few vending machines if you wish to take your lunch hour at the facility or bring your own.

The event occurs at the Lee's Summit, Missouri Police Department training facility located at 10 NE Tudor Rd., Lee's Summit, MO 64086. As you enter their Training Center you will immediately 'button-hook' to the right and see the auditorium. Initial sign-in and welcome to the facility will occur in the auditorium and then trainees will be led to the mat room.


Personal Weapons: Live Weapons should be left secured in your vehicle, however if you do not have a trunk or other manner to lock any weapon, there are a limited number of gun lockers at the Training Facility. Please do not bring pocket knives or other sharp items to the training mat.

Equipment Requirements:

Mat shoes or socks only on mats.
Duty Belt and Handcuffs Monday through Wednesday as Power Handcuffing is mixed into all three days.

For those taking the Friday Weapons Retention System: Duty Belt and Training Gun. (Some .40/9mm Glocks training weapons are available)
LVNR will not require duty belts

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