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Trainer Functional Fitness and Development


Trainer Functional Fitness and Development

This classroom course covers both the basic concepts of exercise measurements and advanced training concepts to make every minute of your training time count. It also explores the "aging athlete" phenomenon and how to preserve your speed and fitness long into your career. Some of the topics covered are:


  • Muscle power, strength and endurance — Which do you really need for the job?

  • Exercise apparatus — Free weights, machines, body weight, kettle bells or bands. Which to use and why?

  • Exercise and injury — How warm-up practices may actually increase your risk of injury and decrease training benefits.

  • Gaining and preserving speed — How to train your nervous system for faster response and movement.

This is an Institute of Safety and Instructor Development course developed by Robert Bragg, Jr., Program Manager Fitness & Force Training, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

Lecture Course

8-Hour Instructors Course
Prerequisite: None

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